CSipSimple on android

How to setup CSipSimple on your android

In this article, I will show you how to set up your Android phone to make and receive calls from Libitel on your android phone using the free app CSipSimple.

Use the CSipSimple app to connect to your Libitel account from your Android phone.

1. Install CSipSimple from playstore
2. Open CSipSimple and click on the icon below to the left

3. Click Add Account and select Basic

4. Fill in the information as shown in the picture.

Account name: Libitel
User: 251030302 (Your Account number)
Server: sip.libitel.com
Password: password1234 (Your account password)

5. You should now be contacted to Libitel from your Android phone.


You can now enjoy cheap international calls directly from your Android phone.


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