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Exposing the Top 5 Myths about VoIP Service Providers

VoIP service providers are top of the discussions today in the communication market. No doubt, we have experienced a great change when it comes to the world of communication.

Over a couple of years ago, we have shifted from the manual mailing system to sending emails with just the click of the mouse. Despite these dramatic changes, there are bound to be some critics.


Although VoIP has proved over time to be effective with clear benefits in the business communication system, VoIP service providers have attracted a bad impression from people which has prevented many businesses from enjoying the benefits. This bad impression is often caused by ignorance or a simple misunderstanding of the technology itself.

Top 5 VoIP Myths

  • Small Businesses Can’t Benefit
    This is an unfortunate myth which is stopping many small businesses from pursuing the service that can ultimately improve their business and save them some cash. When we talk about saving some cash, we do not mean a few bucks. A lot of small businesses save up to 50% of their annual cost! Although large businesses wholly rely on VoIP, small businesses have a higher tendency to benefit the most. If you have a tight budget or running on a very low or tight budget, VoIP might be the right choice for you. There are several VoIP service providers that are ready to offer you the best, valuable business communication tools your business need. Luckily, Libitel is one of such reputable company.
  • Unreliability
    Internet is a major tool for business today, both small and large. It is almost impossible to run your business without an internet connection. AT least, you need an internet connection to receive emails, research competitors and stay connected with your customers. Following the same path, many VoIP service providers make use of technology just as your internet connection. In fact, if you are currently using internet connection with your business, you are ready to start using VoIP. This simply implies that VoIP is much reliable, just as your internet connection.
  • Call Quality Suffers
    Yes, this may be true especially during the inception of the PBX. However, ever since the introduction of VoIP, there has been a significant improvement in the call quality. With the improved range of frequencies of voice data, there is little or no possibility of congestion. Plus, the high-speed of internet connection will enhance the call quality.

  • Higher Cost
    VoIP has made it easy for business owners to expand their team and business locations without breaking the bank. Several VoIP service providers provide different service options to suit your business needs. Gone are the days when you need to compromise your budget just to add an extra line of service. VoIP is here with an amazing offer and a more cost-effective telephony system. No wonder millions of business owners are running to VoIP services.
  • Installation and Maintenance are a Headache
    When you hear about telephony system, what comes to your mind is a picturing server installed at one corner of the closet and constantly maintained by a highly trained staff. Luckily, this VoIP does not require this clunky equipment. Most VoIP service providers offer a remote system of telephony with their hardware for easy setup. This remote service requires less than 10 minutes to connect and it is up and running. Coming to maintenance, the service providers have their own hired IT staffs who do the maintenance services.

Renewing Your Trust in VoIP Providers

Obviously, it is very difficult to turn to what you initially thought was bad for your business. However, if you have a friend using the VoIP, you can ask them about their experience. Once you are sure about the benefits of this service, then it is time to take your first step.

Choosing Between Business VoIP Providers

Definitely, VOIP has a lot of benefits to small businesses. These services are offered by several service VOIP providers worldwide. If you are a small business and you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve your business, a practical communication technology is waiting for you. Contact the Libitel technology company today to get started.

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